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Consolidate Finances

Make your finances manageable again with consolidation

Managing Your Finances

If you are having difficulty managing your finances, you are not alone. Did you know that in 2003 one in every 73 households declared bankruptcy? With the average household carrying about $10,000 in credit card debt and paying about $1200 in annual credit card interest, it's no wonder bankruptcy is becoming more and more common. However, bankruptcy is not your only alternative if you want to consolidate finances. Debt consolidation can help you consolidate finances, get out of debt faster, and save you money.

Consolidate Finances

Consolidate Finances Easily

You can easily consolidate finances with debt consolidation. A debt consolidation loan pays off your current debts, leaving you with only one loan, one monthly due date, and one creditor to worry about. It streamlines your finances into a single, convenient loan that can also lower your interest rates and monthly payments. Debt consolidation is perfect for people who have many debts and would like to consolidate finances for convenience and savings. Rather than paying sky-high variable interest rates on credit card debts, you can lock in a low, fixed rate with a consolidation loan. With a lower, fixed interest rate, more of your money will go toward paying off the principal of your debts, which means you get out of debt faster without spending more money. If you have considerable debt (over $20,000) and would like to consolidate finances, we also offer an option called debt settlement, which we will discuss later.

Apply to Consolidate Finances Today

You can apply to consolidate finances on our site by clicking "apply now" anywhere you see it. This will take you to our short, free application. We will then provide you with a free debt consultation to discuss your debts and what options would be best to consolidate finances. The application will only take you a few minutes to fill out and is completely secure. Don't waste another penny of your hard-earned money on high-interest debts...apply to consolidate finances with us today! For more details on debt consolidation, see our How to Consolidate Finances page.

Things you need to know

  • Would you like to reduce monthly payments by as much as half.
  • If your mortgage or rent payments claim more than 30% of your income, you might be in over your head.
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